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Harnessing the power of a full moon is something that can be beneficial for everyone — even those who aren't particularly spiritual. Taking the time to perform a ritual during a full moon, which happens about once a month, can help you manifest good energy, reconnect you to yourself and give you some much needed time to reflect on what you'd like to change or attract in your life. Here are 5 great full moon ritual you can try:

Full Moon Bath - Under the full moon, you’ll want to first prepare by cleansing the mind. It’s also believed that epsom salt soaks in the tub can clear your energy field or aura, so this is a great ritual to add into your day. While you are soaking in the tub, put on frequency sounds, a guided meditation or any audio that helps you to relax. You can also add to your experience by lighting candles or incense and adding some of your favorite essential oils or dried flower petals into the tub!

Releasing Ceremony - Spend time alone with your journal to write down all that you are ready to release. Once this list is complete, fold it several times and then find a fire-safe bowl to place your list in. Safely light the edge of your list on fire and watch as all of the things that have been weighing you down start to burn away. After the list has turned to ash, you can bury these ashes outside or flush them down the toilet and (again) say “I release what no longer serves me with love” and allow yourself to leave it behind you.

Bring In New Energy - Cleansing your energy space and living space with sacred smoke is a great way to celebrate the full moon. Using sustainably harvested sage or palo santo is a great way to do this, but you can also use herbs like cedar, mugwort, lavender, sweetgrass, and more. You can also use resins and incenses. While cleansing, make sure you start from the back of your home or room and then go to each corner of your space with an energy that you would like to bring into your newly cleansed home. Calling forth the energy of love, abundance, health, prosperity, joy, peace or anything else that feels aligned for you is best.

Make Moon Water - Moon water is water that has had time to sit under the light of the full moon and soak up some of its power. It can be used for a number of things, from drinking to bathing, and even watering your houseplants. Here's how to make it:

1. Fill a container with water. If you can use fresh rainwater, even better—but any water is okay

2. Place your container in direct moonlight. It doesn't matter whether it's outside on your porch or inside on a windowsill! Anywhere with moonlight will do

3. Say an affirmation or prayer. Think about what you want to use this moon water for, and say an affirmation or prayer over the jar to seal your intention

4. Leave overnight. Once your container is in place and your intention is set, leave the jar overnight in the moonlight. In the morning, your moon water will be good to go

Self-Love Ritual - There's never a bad time to do a self-love ritual, but the night of the full moon is a really great night for one. This can look like virtually anything that makes yourself feel loved, but here's an idea from to get you started.

1. Begin the ritual by doing something to drop into your body, whether stretching, breathwork, or even a full moon bath.

2. Then, choose a cleansing water of your choice (moon water, rose water, Florida water, etc.) and sit in front of a mirror.

3. Wipe the mirror down with your water while holding the intention to clear away any and all illusions stopping you from fully loving yourself, letting yourself be loved, and aligning with love.

4. Sit in front of the mirror and gaze softly at yourself. You can also do some breathwork here, or repeat a mantra of your choice—anything that allows you to connect to your heart.

5. Close out the ritual by thanking yourself, the moon, and the universe for holding you in self-love.

The full moon is a powerful time for cleansing and charging your stones. On this night, when the lunar energy is at its highest, you can harness the energy that comes from its glowing light.

January Wolf Moon - The aggressive nature of wolves will be seen in how you deal with issues on this day. Once it begins to happen, remind yourself to be in control.  The energy that comes from a full moon is different from the energy that comes from other lunar phases. Because the moon is fully illuminated, the energy is always intense.

The core of our being will feel this vibration. On a day like this, we might also feel a shift in our spiritual life.  Since it is the beginning of the year, a lot of decisions need to be made. During the wolf moon, expect courage to make decisions. This is an energy that comes from this moon. One of the powers that come with this day helps us to make wise decisions for the year.  No matter how tough things get, the wolf will survive the cold season and hunger moment. This is the same power that comes with the January wolf moon in 2023. It gives you the inner strength to go through tough moments without falling apart. Insight is necessary to have an amazing year. It gives you a clue about how the year will turn out and prepares your mind for what comes. On the day of the wolf moon, expect to become spiritually insightful. Your inner eyes will be opened to see.

February Snow Moon - The snow moon in February has come to calm your heart. Through the message from the snow moon, you will discover that your heart will find peace. The spiritual world is concerned about our mental and emotional stability. This is why they will cause the snow moon to show up right at the moment of your worry. Once this happens, it reveals that you will find peace. It is a message of solace. Take this message from the snow full moon. It is saying that all hope is not lost. You don’t need to give up yet. The spiritual world is making efforts to get you the result you seek. Therefore, keep trying. The snow moon in February is a great motivation for those who have lost hope. It reminds them of the possibility of a bright future. This keeps them moving. When you begin to deviate from God’s plan for your life, the snow moon will instruct your heart about it. The snow moon will encourage you to stay committed.

March Worm Moon - March's full worm moon will be in Virgo. This full moon is a signal to get in touch with karmic change. This is a time when we're more sensitive to emotional undercurrents and the allure of fantasies and magic. The Virgo full moon grounds us in the practical. It illuminates what aspects of our routine we're neglecting and may need some redirection and encourages us to nourish our bodies as well as our spirits. The Virgo–Pisces axis speaks to service and the role we play in helping others in our local and global communities. The spiritual message of the worm moon is that whatever happens now is nonnegotiable, so be prepared to take a big leap of faith, and look toward your path forward with excitement and clarity.

April Pink Moon - The Pink Moon falls during spring, so it also deals with themes of rebirth after the winter. Named for the first pink flowers of spring, use this moon to charge your magical tools outside while connecting with nature. April's pink moon is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any cosmic junk you've been carrying around. The pink moon is all about newness, freshness, and letting go of the things that aren't serving you. April's full pink moon will be in Libra, a sign associated with balance. Spring is the best time of year to set New Year's resolutions for ourselves, as it synchronizes with the new life that is beginning to bloom. The pink moon is a great time to fully release negative thoughts or relationships that do not have space in our 'new life' that is starting to unfold.

May Flower Moon - This month's full moon is known as a flower moon, and while it's always a beautiful spring event to look forward to, this year's is especially powerful. That's because this full moon coincides with a lunar eclipse, which, astrologically, is a time to focus on your relationship with yourself. Full moons, are supposed to be an opportunity to let go of burdens you've been carrying; to release those weights, and move forward more freely. Combine those fresh-start vibes with the self-help energy of a lunar eclipse, and you can see how 2023's flower moon has the potential to be a truly powerful cosmic event. This moon asks us to be vulnerable so we can become more intimate with ourselves and others. This moon is an opportunity to make your way to the other side and continue to expand and evolve. The name of this moon is fitting, because every flower starts out as a seed, buried in the dark, damp soil. Nature knows that darkness has its purpose and will lead you to the light.

June Strawberry Moon - Spiritually, our energy shifts in a similar way during this time of the year. We may be feeling more energy coming from the sun and the fresh food we get to eat. The rising summer energy is powerful for acting on our intentions, making things happen, and growing our creative projects, our relationships, and our self-love practices. Spiritually or energetically, this is a good month to check in with yourself on the following questions:

  • Am I clear on my intentions?

  • Am I acting in alignment with my own intentions?

  • What have I been building in my life since the spring equinox in March?

The spiritual meaning of this month’s Strawberry Moon calls you to enjoy what has been cultivated and let go of what isn’t working anymore

July Buck Moon - During the month of July, male deer (bucks) have new antlers pushing out of their foreheads. Deer lose their antlers yearly. In the mid-summer, it reaches its full size with pointed tips and is considered to be a significant part of the annual cycle. It has been reported that people always find it hard to control their emotions under the buck moon, and the reason is tied to the release of powerful energy to the earth. Through the buck moon, you can receive strength to carry out a difficult task, you can also receive a stable mind to never fall for people’s tricks. Spiritually, you will discover that the buck moon is one of the biggest and brightest supermoons of the year. This tells you that there is an opportunity to tap from the energy of this magnificent supermoon. The buck moon also represents gratitude. Under the bright light of the buck moon, your heart will be drawn toward your past accomplishment over the past 7 months of the year. This will inspire gratitude in your heart. Furthermore, it will open your heart to see the grace and magnanimity of the universe towards you. As the buck moon attains its peak at night, you will feel a sense of peace. This takes away your worries and desperations. When the buck moon shows up in the sky, it also represents a time of deep reflection on past activities

August 1 Sturgeon Moon - The sturgeon moon means the end of summer. It brings the harvest season. Therefore, when you see the sturgeon moon in the sky, it means a season is about to end. Never forget that life comes in cycles and seasons. There is something else about the sturgeon moon, which is the emotional healing that happens with its light. Staying under the light of the sturgeon moon will bring emotional healing. That is if you have suffered a terrible heartbreak or betrayal from someone you loved and trusted, the sturgeon moon will help you to heal up.

August 31 Blue Moon - The blue moon is a special messenger that is sent to the earth once in a while. This is why few people only take advantage of the blue moon whenever it shows up in the sky. People get violent under the blue moon because they find it hard to manage the surge of power that comes into their souls at the full brilliance of the blue moon’s light.

The blue moon is a sign that the universe wants to speak with us. This is a very different form of communication as it has been recorded that the blue moon leads to various ghost appearances in certain parts of the world. Therefore, the blue moon is a rare desire of the universe to communicate with us. Anyone who opens up his/her mind to this call will burst into a definite vision or receive a spiritual visit from the higher spirit. During this time, you must ensure that your heart is pure, and you are doing the right things. You will be rewarded for it.

September Harvest Moon - There will be a shift in the core of our souls, and this is proof of the power of the harvest moon. The harvest moon has the spiritual power to illuminate our minds. Whenever we are confused, meditating on the harvest moon brings clarity to us. Just as the name sounds, the harvest season brings harvest to us. Under the energy of the harvest moon, our past efforts will begin to yield results. If you are struggling to believe that you are productive, the harvest moon will come to reveal otherwise.  Since it is a season of harvest, it is also a season of abundance. Harvest seasons are abundance moments. Our barns are always filled with crops. In the spiritual world, this is a sign of prosperity. That is, the harvest moon comes to reveal that your life is going to be filled with prosperity, riches, wealth, and every good thing.

October Hunter's Moon (Blood Moon) - This is a time to hunt for spiritual knowledge, as the moon symbolizes a connection to the spiritual realm. The Hunters Moon is a powerful symbol of transformation and spiritual growth. This is a time of heightened intuition and heightened awareness of the unseen realms. Many believe that this is a time when the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds is thin, allowing for deeper connection with the divine. It is believed that the Blood Moon brings with it a heightened sense of awareness and a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm. Because of what lies ahead, the hunter’s moon can come into our lives to encourage us to reflect on the past. This reflection helps us to see the mistakes we made in the past and encourages us on how to correct them.

November Beaver Moon - In the spiritual world, the beaver moon is a sign of change. It helps us to understand that nothing last forever. Anytime the beaver moon shows up in November, the spiritual world is talking about the inevitability of change. The beaver moon also speaks about the power of manifesting our desires. The light from the beaver moon helps us to accomplish all the desires of our hearts and opens our minds to see that anything is possible. People sit under the beaver moon to harness its energy for themselves. The reason is tied to how it fills people with hope and expectation. Another spiritual meaning of the beaver moon encourages people to prepare ahead. Especially when the future is filled with rough situations. The universe will approach you via the beaver moon’s appearance. Once this happens, it is a sign that keeps you on your toes for a long time.

December Cold Moon - Spiritually, the cold moon signifies a new beginning. When you see a cold moon in the sky, it introduces you to a new phase of life. It reminds you that life is in stages, seasons, and timings. You need to be conversant with times and seasons. This helps you to know when a season is over and when a season is approaching. The cold moon in the spiritual world also means gratitude. It gives you enough reasons to be grateful. Under the cold moon, one of the things people do is write out the beautiful things that happened to them during the year. This stirs up faith for the coming year. When the cold moon is at its peak, opening your heart to its light clears your mind and tells you what to do. If you have had a rough year, the cold full moon in December blesses you with strength. It gives you the ability to never break apart under pressure. Beyond giving you the ability, it also tells you to be strong. It encourages you to never allow your situation to pull you down. The inner strength that comes from the cold full moon in December can get you through any negative situation in life.

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