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New June Moon

The June New Moon is the first new moon of the spring season. It focus' on rebirth and renewal.

This new moon may bring some uncertainty, confusion, and miscommunication into your life. That’s because Neptune will be highly present during this lunation, and the dreamy planet can often be deceptive and make us see things that aren’t really there. 

New moons can help us get in touch with our intuitive senses, which means you can trust your intuition to help you suss out the real from the fake. Just make sure to actually listen to what it’s telling you — rose-colored glasses can be hard to take off.

During this celebration we will be creating manifestation vision board. Each participant will get all the tools they need to create their own vision boards. Of course feel free to bring any supplies you wish to include in the board (photographs, magazines or newspapers). At the end of our celebration we will do a quick reiki cleansing session as a group. In addition to all of our hands on rituals there will also be discounted crystal boxes available for purchase for this night only (a $45 dollar box discounted to only $25).

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