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Handmade Citrine Evil Eye Bracelet

Handmade Citrine Evil Eye Bracelet


Citrine energises and rejuvenates on every level of life. Whilst
cleansing Chakras, it opens up our intuition and attracts wealth
and prosperity. Citrine imparts joy, wonder, delight &
enthusiasm whilst raising self-esteem & self-confidence.
Stimulating & strengthening, Citrine promotes motivation,
activates creativity & encourages self-expression while
enhancing concentration & revitalizing the mind.


The Green Evil Eye is a symbol that is believed to bring positive energy and help bring one's dreams to fruition. It is thought to help manifest all that is desired and to make life a celebration of joy, bliss, pleasure, and delight. The green evil eye is believed to be a beacon for collecting happiness and to help adopt a positive mindset, leading to good health and well-being.

**all stones in bracelets are hand picked and hand drilled so each one is unique and different. the bracelet pictured is the one you will receive **

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