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Pyrite with Clear Quartz Cluster

Pyrite with Clear Quartz Cluster


Pyrite is often called the 'stone of abundance' as it draws fortune
and luck and helps us to take action to create abundance.
Pyrite is a wonderful and powerful protection stone that works
on the physical, ethereal, and emotional levels to shield and
protect us from all types of bad vibrations. It is known to
stimulate the mind and improves memory, making it easier to
recall important information when needed.



Clear quartz is our 'master healer'. This 'Stone of Power' is a gift
from the universe to help us reach enlightenment through
higher vibration. It cleanses us at every level & has the ability to
enhance mental clarity, help with emotional stability, & is
popular in meditation & restorative work. Used frequently for
manifestation, it creates more focus & clarity. It protects & can be
used to amplify psychic abilities.

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